Margaret Place Live Oaks Registered on the Live Oak Registry





Registered Oaks on Shell Beach in front of the Pery home


Shell Beach Drive, Christine Perry

Honorable James Trimble

Honorable James Trimble





The Benjamin Wakefield Mount Registered OakShell Beach Drive, Willie L. Mount

Benjamin Wakefield Mount

Willie Landry Mount

Oliver Stockwell 



Registered live oaks at the Shell Beach Drive residence of Louise and Mitch Landry

 Shell Beach Drive, Louise and Mitch Landry

Angel Stockwell

Beau Chene of Margaret Place



Registered oaks at the oldest home in Margaret Place


330 Wilson, Theresa and Jim Barnatt

Blair Stoker

Honorable Leon Locke


Two registered oaks at Cody Vicknair's Park Avenue Home

Park Avenue, Cody Vicknair

Coach Vic

Aunt Deb




105 Grove, Samantha, Shawn and Eric Stevens

  • Twistee Stevens

Thanks to Roger Kamla for taking many of the photos on the slide show.  Registered trees not shown will be added soon.