Front of 212 Wilson, photo by Alan WalkerThe Cullen Liskow House (circa 1925)      Owners: Elizabeth and Darren Martel

Built by attorney Cullen Liskow and wife, Katherine Brainard West Liskow, this is in an English Tudor cottage style home was designed by R. S. McCook of the St Louis firm Asmus, Clark and McCook. The contractor was Walter James Patrick.

Exterior features include a slate room and cypress was used for all the wood trim.

In 1974, then owners Shirley and Bain D. Slack re-did the stucco in all the rooms. They had Jude Benoit, architect, design and add a 1,000 square foot family room onto the back of the house in the 1980s.

Front of 212 Wilson by Alan WalkerThe Martels purchased the home from Houston Jones in 2010 and have completed substantial rennovations under the watchful eye of Quinn Properties.

The house is one of six properties designated as a Landmark Home by the Preservation Society in 1990.