Front of 101 PithonThe James Clooney House        Owner: Mike and Sharon Fibich

The James Clooney House is a two-story wood frame structure built by John C. McWilliams for Emma and James Clooney in 1913. 

A similar house was built about that time by Mr. Clooney's brother around the corner at 112 Grove Street.  It is thought that the brothers were in the shipping business and ordered plans for the houses from Sears and Roebuck & Company.

The house is made of cypress.  The attic has four hip roof shingle dormers.  Front and side porches feature round Tuscan columns with federal-style balustrades.   Other exterior features include French doors, saw-tooth dentil work and craftsman-type windows.

Inside features include oak floors with a heart of pine front stairwell and three fireplaces.  Unusual shaped interior columns separate the foyer and living room as well as the living and dining rooms.  The ceiling of the foyer and living room is recessed diagonally slatted oak with beams.  The living room has four of the original hanging light fixtures in the corners.  A stairwell leads to a third floor, which is currently used as an attic.

Front door at 101 PithonIn 1968, exterior modifications included the addition of a den at the rear, a master bedroom upstairs, and a kitchen and breakfast room converted from the original downstairs screened porch.  

Brick pavers from an old street in Beaumont were used to build a patio.

Like many of Lake Charles' larger homes, some of its rooms were rented out during World War II, because the great influx of military personnel had caused a tremendous housing shortage.

There are rumors that a ghost has haunted some of the residents of the Clooney House from time to time.  The ghost produced strange noises like the rolling of bowling balls and the strumming of a harp.

The house has been owned by Mrs. Paul V. (Nancy) Draughn since 1993.  Previous owners were Mr. and Mrs. James Clooney, Mr. and Mrs. Adolph J. Viccellio, Mr. and Mrs. Homer Tate, Mr. and Mrs. E.B. Watson Jr., Mr. and Mrs. William B. Baggett, Mr. and Mrs.  Buddy Carter, and Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin W. Mount.