Monday, January 21, 2019


Garden Committee

The proposed plan provided by Wes Gentry, LSU intern with the City of Lake Charles, can be seen via this pdf file.

Donations (this is a partial list):

  • Lifeshare Blood Cente: nice supply of Potato Vine
  • Nancy and Jim Hanchey, $100, several storage containers
  • Cissy and Darrell Guidry: wood that can be used for the raised beds
  • Portion of Gazebo to be donated to Margaret PlaceLanier Plulmbing:Water fixtures, piping, and more 
  • Ken Fletcher, dig and install the intial water line
  • Leslie Knox and Christi Carter: 10 m/l large Holly Bushes
  •  Willie Mount: Decorateive water hose holder

With assistance by Donny Pitzer, Jacques Bougeois moved an planted the Holly bushes mentioned above. Dave Bordelon trimmed the bushes once they were stabalized.

Cheryl Todd watered the bushes until the water was installed.

A beautiful gazebo has been donated and will be placed in the garden once it is refurbished.

Deam Day loaned his power washer in order to remove the spilled paint on the street in front of the garden.