Monday, January 21, 2019

Margaret Place Trees on the Live Oak Registry

While several more trees are expected to be registered in the months to come, this is a listing of Margaret Place Live Oaks on the Live Oak Registry by current owner and tree name:


 Shell Beach Drive, Christine Perry

  • Honorable James Trimble
  • Honorable James Trimble

205 Shell Beach Drive, Willie L. Mount

  • Benjamin Wakefield Mount
  • Willie Landry Mount
  • Oliver Stockwell

Shell Beach Drive, Louise and Mitch Landry

  • Angel Stockwell
  • Beau Chene of Margaret Place

 330 Wilson, Theresa and Jim Barnatt

  • Blair Stoker
  • Honorable Leon Locke

 Park Avenue, Cody Vicknair

  • Coach Vic
  • Aunt Deb

105 Grove, Samantha, Shawn and Eric Stevens

  • Twistee Stevens

Application Pending, Wilson, Hilda and Dean Day

  • The Managan Oak

Thanks to Roger Kamla for taking many of the photos on the slide show.  Registered trees not shown will be added soon.